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Fixture Choices

It’s inarguable that the bathroom has become one of the homes most popular rooms. In the past, most homes were equipped with only one toilet, and now it is not unusual to find two or more toilets in today's homes. Bathroom additions are now being rated as one of the most cost-effective and comfort-enhancing home improvements, especially to one bathroom homes.

There once was a time when the bathroom was intended for quick and simple convenience factors. Over the years, the bathroom has evolved into a room for not only convenience but also for homeowners to handle routine grooming and express their decorating flair. As far as fixtures are concerned, the tub, toilet and sink are still standard for most bathrooms, but today's bathrooms are also featuring larger, more lavishing tubs, extra-large stand-alone showers, double sinks and fashionable toilets.

The popular trend among most design-conscious homeowners is to color-coordinated plumbing fixtures into a shared style. This is referred to by many plumbing-fixture manufacturers as "suites." The suite consists of a group of fixtures that contain a design element that is common to all of the rest. For example, the base of the toilet may share the same design as the pedestal supporting a lavatory. The shapes, style, layout, and color of fixtures are also tampered with and coordinated in order to make the bathroom appear less cluttered and more appealing.

The toilet is the most popular of bathroom fixtures, probably because it ties all the other elements together. Toilets come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles. You can pay less than $100 or more than a $1000 for a toilet, depending on your personal needs and budget.

Variations of Toilets

  • Two Piece Toilets: A tank, mounted high on the wall above the toilet, and a bowl bolted to the floor.
  • Closed Coupled Freestanding Toilet: A two piece toilet where the tank rests snugly upon the bowl.
  • One Piece Toilets: The tank and the bowl are united. They typically sport a lower profile and have an elaborate flush mechanism that produces a more quiet flush.
  • Round Bowl Toilet: Standard, less expensive choice.
  • Elongated Bowl Toilet: Two to three inches longer than the round bowl and creates an oval-like shape. It is more expensive than a round bowl toilet.
  • Wall-hung Toilet: Attaches to a metal plate that is affixed to the wall framing. Rare for residential use and considerably more expensive.

In addition, the height of the bowl is another important aspect to consider with a toilet. The distance from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl is referred to as the bowl height. Plumbing-fixture manufacturers are starting to demonstrate that lower bowl height can be difficult and unsafe for people with back and leg problems or other physical ailments. Some manufacturers label their products as "elderly" or "handicapped" and design these products to suit the needs of those who require a higher toilet bowl height.

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